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The Story of Colēgia

Colēgiate Preparatory Academy uses Colēgia a dynamic and engaging Digital Education Operating System (dēOS), to provide students with a robust and rigorous collegiate experience. Just like at a college campus, students use Colēgia as an online portal or hub to connect to their classes, communicate with professors and classmates, and collaborate with academic resources.

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    To maximize student success, Colēgiate Preparatory Academy provides students virtual education using 3 modes of instructional delivery:

    • Remote Live Instruction (Synchro nous)
    • Flexible Schedule (Asynchronous)
    • Combination Schedule (Synchronous and Asynchronous)

    Colēgiate Preparatory Academy has partnered with Doral College to offer an early college program at no cost to students or parents. This program is designed for qualified students to get a head start on completing the requirements for an Associate's Degree (60 credits) or simply completing credits towards requirements for their Bachelor’s Degree.Image


    Colēgiate Preparatory Academy provides students opportunities to enhance their middle and high school years. Students looking for ways to explore interests outside of virtual classes and meet other students will be able to participate in sports, join clubs, and attend virtual and in-person activities.


A Tuition-Free Public Charter School for Grades 6-12

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